Mind Gamers qualifiers coming to Oman this weekend

Staff Reporter –
Gamers in the Sultanate are gearing up for the Red Bull Mind Gamers 2016 Local Qualifier coming to Oman this weekend for the first time.
This year’s edition, ‘Mission Unlock Enoch’, is created by Playful Solutions and inspired by ‘Mind Gamers’ the movie by Terra Mater and by an Escape Room Game Jam hosted at MIT Game Lab. Mission Unlock Enoch evolves from a global online single-player game, through multi-player real-world qualification events to a final Escape Room world tournament.
A growing trend, escape rooms are physical adventure games in which players are locked in a room and have to use its elements to solve a series of puzzles and escape. The Mission Unlock Enoch develops this concept into a global competitive and collaborative format contest.
Oman players first needed to prove their skills through a single-player online game in order to qualify for one of more than 40 local events hosted worldwide.
The top players will now proceed through to the Oman qualifier and will be invited to recruit a team of up to three additional players to compete at the real-life event set to be held this weekend on Friday and Saturday at Professional Gaming in Al Khoudh. The third Oman qualifier will be held at Middle East College — Multimedia Studio on February 7.
The top national teams will then have the opportunity to battle it out at the Mind Gamers Finals, an ultimate mixed reality Escape Room in Budapest in February. The four best players of a global online high-score list also win a “Wildcard“ for the Mission Unlock Enoch World Finals and get invited to compete against the best mind gamers from all participating nations.
The best national teams will battle it out in the Mind Gaming finals, an ultimate mixed reality Escape Room in Budapest in February 2017.
The final Escape Room will be created by Scott Nicholson, Associate Professor from the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University and Director of the Because Play Matters game lab.