Microsoft Surface event on October 2 in New York City

Microsoft is holding a special Surface hardware event in New York City in October. The event, which will be held on October 2, could serve as the first unveiling of Microsoft’s dual-screen Surface device. Microsoft has been building a new dual-screen device, codenamed “Centaurus,” for more than two years, and it’s designed to be the hero device for a wave of new dual-screen tablet / laptop hybrids that we’re expecting to see throughout 2020. Microsoft demonstrated this new device during an internal meeting earlier this year, signalling that work on the prototype has progressed to the point where it’s nearing release.

Still, it’s not certain that Microsoft will show off this new hardware in October or even launch it. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella famously killed off the Surface Mini just weeks before its scheduled unveiling. If Microsoft does plan to show this dual-screen Surface device, then it won’t be ready to ship immediately. Sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans tell The Verge that the company is currently targeting a 2020 release date for its dual-screen Surface. Alongside Centaurus, Microsoft will likely refresh other Surface devices. The Surface Book is long overdue an update, and Microsoft’s Surface Laptop and Surface Pro hardware could finally see the addition of USB-C ports this year. Even Microsoft’s Surface Go tablet is more than a year old now and could see a minor refresh.