A message of universal brotherhood and world peace

917316By Lakshmi Kothaneth — It was a day when Muscat was receiving the gentle rain due to the trough of low pressure and the north westerly wind was blowing across the country cooling down the day time temperature. There he was, on a bicycle with flags.  Every few metres he cycled someone would stop him to ask questions on who he was and what was his mission? Lok Banbhu Karki has come from the land of the Mount Everest and natural beauty, Nepal, but for the last 12 years he has been on his bicycle just to get across the message of world peace.
He had just arrived in Oman on February 2, 2017.  “I will be in Oman for three weeks.  I plan to visit some of the major cities in Oman.”
He was in Qatar before arriving in Oman, he plans to go to Yemen next, followed by Saudi Arabia and then remaining 17 countries to complete the mission in 11 months.
He had begun the journey in 2004.
This is his seventh cycle.  “When I am in places where I cannot cycle I carry it.  If there are no roads then I use ferries or flights,” says Karki.
He has completed so far 135 countries cycling across Asia, Africa, South America, North America and Europe.  Where ever he reaches by night is where he sleeps and whatever is available as food he eats.
“I started the journey after selling my land in Nepal but when that money was over, people have kept coming forward to support the journey,” reflected Karki.
917317He is a teacher by profession who taught Mathematics and Sociology.  But now he teaches another subject — message of peace and humanity. “There are many countries that suffer from unrest, violence and conflicts.”  Schools and colleges call him for talks and this is exactly what he conveys.  It was a conflict that took place in Nepal almost 15 years ago that made him quit and begin a tour around Nepal for two years and later the world tour with the universal message.
In the beginning he had other cyclists accompanying him.  But they had to discontinue as unfortunately one of the cyclists succumbed to yellow fever, another cyclist suffered bad injury and the third cyclist had typhoid and eventually decided to go back to Nepal for further treatment.  For the last seven years he has been cycling alone.
His dream? “Permanent peace and real humanity all the world,” he replies.  “Let us focus on no stealing, no robbery, no murder, no corruption, no bribery, no guns, no bombs, no discrimination on the basis of colours, religions and nationalities.”
He urges, “Let us keep these concepts in our mind — we are all humans: creations of one God, every human is equal.  We all are one and the whole world is a common home in truth.  Only the path of peace and humanity will deliver in the end.”
Observer asked him if he were to say in one sentence what his advice would be?
“Respect the rules of nature and the world will be peaceful.”