Mesmerising Oman: The tale of two artists’ love for the Sultanate



Two men set out on a journey of exploring the country some years ago and they travelled through the lively cities and buzzing villages of Oman for years.
They ventured the rugged mountains and scaled the peaks; swam in the blue turquoise water and bathed in the misty Dhofar.
All the while, they kept their eyes and ears wide open, listened to the generations and collected their own stories while on the road. While one of them replicated his feelings especially that of their travel and cultural awakenings on canvas, the other spend a great deal of time masterfully clicking his cameras keeping his best memories in digital format.
The result of the years of soul-searching of Sheffy Thattarath, who is a well-known painter in Oman for the past 22 years, and Hareesh Raj, who took photography as a hobby and turned it into obsession, will be displayed at the Majlis Art Café at City Seasons Hotel in Al Khuwair on May 3, 2017.
Titled “Mesmerising Oman”, the expo organised by WOW Events will feature selected paintings and photographs of the two Muscat-based artists who have carved a niche for themselves in their story telling medium.
Both artists are excited to be displaying their combined paintings and photographs for the public to enjoy.
“Oman literally mesmerises everyone with its cultural and natural beauty and diversity as well and an artist cannot turn a blind eye to its eternal charm,” Sheffy said.
He added, “If you have an artist in you, you don’t have to do much but just take your brush or whatever tool you have at hand and get inspired by its beautiful landscapes.”
“Let it come onto you. The rest of the creation will unravel all by itself,” he advised.
People living in the Sultanate of Oman, those who have seen its enchanting beauty have different ways of interpreting their emotions. While some opt for black and white, others focus on the vibrant colours that is available everywhere in the country.
For Hareesh who made photography as part of his life, he has literally fallen flat for the diverse topography of the country. Always had the passion for landscape photography, he now endeavours to capture anything especially priceless moments.He believes that photography is really meant to be that.
Hareesh admitted that the country’s beauty and culture has contributed a lot in his photographic life.
Through his multitude of photographs, Hareesh is trying to bring professionalism to passion. He believes that it is for a photographer’s deep love of photography that allows the audience to bond with not only the image but the photographer himself.