Merry Christmas or happy holidays… Have a good one!

By Sayeh Woodman — So it is, of course Christmas time! I’m sending you my wishes to having a fantastic Christmas and a very prosperous New Year to all of you readers. Perhaps here in the UK, we will be lucky enough to have some white stuff in January, we all hope that we get a white Christmas… but it’s actually been quite a mild one over the past few weeks, with the odd patch of frost here and there.
I personally think it doesn’t matter which you use when it comes to what you say and wishing people a happy time over the festive season, whether it be happy holidays or Merry Christmas.  I think if you really aren’t sure or don’t want to offend, and then Happy Holidays is always the best way to go.  Just giving a heads up really. These things need to be shared and known.  Otherwise, what we do as a society is just to keep quiet, and plod along without knowing things.
Anyway, seeing as it is the festive season, the time to be jolly and all that, I thought it might be a good idea to share with you some trivia and nonsense knowledge when it comes to Christmas! Something to chit chatter about, when you’re at the table, over your Christmas dinner perhaps!?
Did you know that the UK alone gets through 370 million mince pies over the Christmas period annually?  A person on average will eat up to 27 mince pies during the festive season [Psst… Not me. *whispering], I don’t like mince pies! Lets not even get started on how much Santa would eat! Crikey! Try doubling that figure, and his waistline!
On the topic of waistline, it’s estimated that during this time and for the New Year too, we will put on, on average a stone and half in weight! Let’s go for those extra large Christmas jumpers and jogging pants for comfort shall we?!
That’s why then, the New Year resolutions kick in, to get rid of the extra weight gain!
Who do we thank for inventing the Christmas cracker!?  A gentleman called Tom Smith. History has it, that Tom Smith of London invented this back in 1847.
He created the crackers as a development from his sweets that were bon bons — they were packaged and sold in twists of paper.
Seventeen point 2 million brussels sprouts are thrown away each year, probably because no-one likes them! Haha!
Actually, after boiling them, roast them with a honey glaze and flaked almonds, this may change your mind, when it comes to eating brussels! Delicious!
Two million turkeys are thrown away at Christmas (Say what?) What happened to turkey sandwiches, turkey stew, turkey salad, turkey fajitas all week and thereafter? I do hope you have a splendid Christmas… Have a good one! (See you in the New Year!!)