Mental health awareness campaign to focus on ‘bullying’

MUSCAT: NotAlone, a mental health awareness campaign started by the pioneering Whispers of Serenity Clinic will focus on ‘Bullying’ as its main theme for this year.
Conceptualised and designed by Her Highness Sayyida Basma al Said and her team of expert psychologists at the clinic, the programme this year is designed to concentrate on bullying at school and colleges, and on the online platform.
As part of the events, Sayyida Basma and her team are visiting private and public schools in Muscat Governorate to talk to students and teachers about Bullying, how it happens, signs and symptoms, and how to seek help. Apart from the school visits, there is also a two-day event planned in April.
Day one will consist of a public workshop where children from various private and public schools will be invited to participate in a series of activities, all purposefully designed by experts, where students can learn about bullying and related ideas, while being guided by volunteers.
The workshop will also have the parents of invited children come along to better understand the concept of bullying, so that they can help and guide their children in the future.
The second day will include a showcase of activities and exhibits from the accomplishments of Day 1. A video showing interviews with children on bullying will also be screened.
Besides, the fifth edition of Not Alone stories of six different people who have been through bullying experiences will also be held at the same event. The activities of this day will coincide with the Mental Health month, which is May. A press conference about the theme and this year’s initiatives was held at the Serenity Clinic on Sunday.
The panel included Sayyida Basma, Dr Amira Raaidan, the head of mental health department at the Ministry of Health, Mohammed al Balushi, a Not Alone volunteer and Salwa Ibrahim, clinic and campaign manager.