Memorable IFTAR experience


The holy month of Ramadhan is marked by introspective spirituality, dawn to dusk fasting and generosity. It is also the perfect time for unwinding with friends and families around Iftars.
Each Muslim carries a memorable iftar experience that breaks the routine of usual days. Some people have their iftar in the mountains, some in the desert and some feel that iftar with their parents is the most memorable.
Mahmoud al Jamoudi says one cannot witness such an atmosphere of social cohesion and harmony with tens of thousands of people joining a community meal anywhere else in the world except in the Prophet’s Mosque in al Madina al Monawara.
People from different walks of life and different nationalities sit together inside the Prophet’s Mosque and its courtyards to break their fast.
When you enter the mosque, there will be children grabbing you asking them to join the iftar.
Not only is it unique enough to have your iftar in the mosque of our prophet, it also envelopes you in a totally different feeling. The most striking feature of this huge iftar gathering is that everyone gives priority to those who sit beside them while taking food and drinks.
For Ayoob al Hussaini, it’s in spending time with nature that has become his most memorable iftar.
“My most memorable iftar experience was in the mountains of Salalah. The weather is incredibly pleasant. The greenery landscapes calm our spirits. The cool weather in the day helps you to complete your fasting without feeling thirsty or hungry the whole day,” he shared.
He added that what elevated this experience is that after the iftar, you can stay there the whole evening, especially that the weather becomes colder.
“We roasted some meat for dinner and completed the night pleasantly,” he said.
Walid al Abri’s most memorable iftar experience was in the desert. For miles, one’s view is the golden sun and the only noise you can hear is the whisper of the breeze or the movement of the sand.
“In Ramadhan, we go to Umrah for camping. I am the chef in this campings so, before iftar, we pull over to cook and have our iftar. It is an interesting experience as I always loved the desert and all events happening there,” he shared.
“Our delicious menu includes sticky date pudding, as well as traditional pastries, sweets, fruits and nuts. Coffee is the most important companion for people in deserts so I prepared a very tasty coffee for the whole group,” he shared.
For Muna Rashid, nothing compares to an iftar shared with family especially with parents.
“Iftar with my parents is my most memorable experience. I am married in Muscat and my family lives in Salalah so when I go to visit them for few days, I enjoy being there with my family and I feel the Ramadhan night are good because of their presence,” she shared.