Mekunu proves goodness of Omani community

Salalah: In a generous gesture that demonstrates generosity of the Omani community, many people have announced their willingness to help those who have left their homes because of the cyclone that is currently hitting the southern parts Oman. Many people have opened their homes to host people affected from Dhofar and Wusta.  Some have rented buildings and donated them for free to accommodate people.

Sheikh Salem bin Ahmed Khalfan al-Bar’imi donated the building of Al-Bar’imi for all who need shelter during the Mekunu to the residents including expats of coastal areas of Dhofar. The building is located in Salalah al Jadeeda on July 23 street. Also, Dr. Saleh Musin,  Shura member, said he rented Thamreet hotel to receive those from affacted areas. He added on his twitter “our own houses are opened for all. We are honored to have you any time”. Besdies, there are a number of furnished rooms and apartments gifted by Ali Muhad Quten, next to Dhofar University, for those who are looking for shelter during the cyclone. Quten said that full meals will be also served to the guests.

However, the government has announced a number of schools in Governorate of Dhofar as backup shelters.