Meeting discusses ways to manage used tyres

Muscat, March 7 – A meeting of Sohar University, be’ah, and Moon Iron and Steel Company took place at Sohar University premises to find ways to face environment and sustainability-related challenges in Oman. The major focus of the meeting was to find the avenues for using of the End of Life Tyre (ELT) waste generated in Oman as a potential fuel in the furnaces producing steel. Sohar University facilitated this meet in its drive towards connecting community and industry. be’ah team was represented by Shaikh Mohammed al Harthy, Executive Vice-President, Kumayl al Lawati, Mohammed al Siyabi, Anup Thaliath Tomy and Abdulrahman al Hasani.
Amleshwar Dayal, Technical Director, represented the Moon Iron and Steel Company. Professor Ghassan al Kindi, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Research and Innovation at Sohar University, welcomed the guests and introduced Intaj Suhar, a megaproject for Advanced Manufacturing run in collaboration and support from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Oman and AMRC-Sheffield, UK.
“With Intaj Suhar, we have created a state-of-the-art manufacturing centre with advanced research tools and technologies in Sohar University mainly to develop technological skills and capability in product design and prototyping in Oman.” He reiterated the commitment of Sohar University to engage all the stakeholders in the region for bringing forth quality research, capability and capacity, and downstream industries.
Earlier, Sohar University did a study for be’ah on tyre waste in Oman. “We understood that a lot of tyres are discarded in Oman every year and this is a real cause of concern from the environmental perspective as they have to be disposed of in a sustainable way,” said Professor Rakesh Belwal, Principal Investigator for the ELT Research and Consultancy Project. “It is our collective responsibility to find a solution and this initial dialogue between be’ah and Moon Iron and Steel Company would pave the way for the optimal treatment of ELT waste,” added Professor Belwal.
“We are ready to collaborate with and provide consultancy services to the industry on different emerging issues,” said Khalid al Qutiti, Head for the Business and Consultancy at Sohar University.
The Technical Director of Moon Iron and Steel Company and a group of academics from the Faculty of Engineering under Deanship of Professor Ehab Ellobody discussed the way to enrich its Metallurgical Engineering programme.
“We are keen to explore with be’ah the possibilities of treating the ELT waste as a fuel,” said Amleshwar Dayal. “We have employed some good graduates from Sohar University and will be able to support students for internship in our plant soon,” said Dayal further.