Meet-the-people tours of late HM helped in policy making

Meet-the-people tours (Royal Tours) of late His Majesty Sultan Qaboos had represented a unique method of participation of leadership in formulating policies with the help of citizens.
The annual Royal Tours of late His Majesty Sultan Qaboos to the various governorates had become a part of the national work programme aimed to ascertain the development of the country in educational, social, health and economic fields.
The Royal Tours represented a unique practice to further cement ties between the leader and citizens.
Late His Majesty Sultan Qaboos had laid the foundations of security and stability in the country coupled with the efforts for empowering citizens to efficiently contribute to the development of the country.
The Royal Tours of late His Majesty who spared no effort for the comfort and prosperity of citizens, provided them an opportunity to directly communicate with the leader about their concerns in an open democratic environment.
This is in addition to the Royal Inspection Tours His Majesty Sultan Qaboos used to make to the various ministries, government institutions and the new schools and hospitals, since the early days of His Majesty’s reign, in order to acquaint with the works therein.
In continuation of the wise approach outlined by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos, since the dawn of the Blessed Renaissance, in touring the Omani cities, towns and villages, His Majesty started the Royal Meet-the-People-Tour of this year from Bait Al Baraka to the Wilayat of Bahla in the Governorate of Dakhiliyah.
During his Meet-the-People-Tour, His Majesty had met people to identify their needs and requirements in terms of services, as well as listen to their observations and proposals about developing such services and enhancing the role played by the government departments in delivering these services in different parts of the Sultanate, within the framework of the comprehensive and sustainable development plans.
Prior to the commencement of the Royal motorcade from Bait Al Baraka, His Majesty the Sultan had met with their excellencies accompanying His Majesty on the tour as His Majesty gave his Royal directives to them for the upgradation of services rendered by the State and following up all the projects and programmes according to the plans that were implemented or being implemented across the country to achieve further welfare and prosperity for this beloved country and its loyal citizens.
In a wonderful emotional scene, the citizens of the Governorate of Dakhiliyah had lined up on both sides of the road, riding on horses, chanting His Majesty’s name with the most sincere feelings of love and appreciation, holding the pictures of His Majesty, the Sultanate’s flags, welcome banners, chanting patriotic anthems and welcoming songs on His Majesty’s auspicious arrival, pledging loyalty and gratitude for the builder of modern Oman. The cavalcade of His Majesty arrived at Saih Al Shamikhat in the Wilayat of Bahla after passing through Dakhiliyah.
His Majesty, May God protect him, exchanged greetings, felt pleasure in meeting them and was grateful for their passionate feelings and expressions of loyalty and sincerity.
It is worth mentioning that His Majesty had given his Royal Directives to hold a symposium on the development of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) at Saih Al Shamikhat in the Wilayat of Bahla.
The symposium shed light on the importance of assisting these enterprises to achieve the required economic growth, help the unemployed in availing job opportunities and encourage youths to have their own businesses.
The symposium also focused on the challenges facing entrepreneurs while trying to develop enterprises, activating the role of these enterprises in increasing the contribution of the private sector in the development process, enhancing the initiative-taking spirit in identifying investment opportunities, promoting entrepreneurship culture, enhancing the individual and group participation by joining the labour market.