Meet on Oman’s role in global peace begins today

MUSCAT: An international symposium on “The Role of the Sultanate of Oman in Supporting International Peace” will be held at the Cultural Club on Monday. Researchers from inside and outside the Sultanate will take part in the symposium. The symposium, which will be held in two sessions, will include four main themes, which will shed light on various aspects of the Omani political scene at the domestic level and on the regional and international arenas in order to present an integrated picture of the Omani political scene. Dr Salem al Shukaili, Professor of Law at Sultan Qaboos University (SQU), will present a detailed picture of the Omani political and constitutional system. Dr Edmund Gharib, Professor of International Relations at Georgetown University in Washington DC, will present a paper entitled “Future Reading of the Political Role of Oman.”
In the second session, Dr Mohammed bin Mubarak al Araimi, Researcher in the Gulf Political Affairs, will present a paper on the subject of moderation in the Omani political system in which he will review the political concept of moderation. The paper will also review the political character of His Majesty the Sultan and the concept of moderation. The symposium will conclude with two working papers that will address the Omani mediations at regional and international levels. The researcher Sumaya Mishkouri will review the Omani role in the Iranian nuclear agreement while Muna Safwan will address Omani role in Yemen. — ONA