Meet the Omani who ‘ve won over 1000 local and international photography awards

Photography is like a deep sea that has no bottom and I chose to dig deeper into this sea and I found myself drowning but I didn’t want to get out of it”, these words were beautifully spoken by the internationally acclaimed photographer, Abdullah Mohammed Al Musheirfi, when asked what photography meant to him.
Abdullah’s passion and talent for this art form has gained him international fame and global recognition. A few of his achievements being, 1st place in the architectural division at the Masters Photography Awards in 2014 hosted in the United States.
The following year, Abdullah won the gold medal at the Al Thani Award for photographers in Qatar. In 2016, he won the ‘Best of the Best’ at the Olympic Photography Circuit in Greece and 1st Place and a gold medal at the ISF Biennale World Cup for Photography in France. He currently holds more than 1,100 international awards and 32 different titles in various international competitions hosted by the FIAP and the Photographic Society of America, deeming him one of the best photographers in the world. A true testament of his remarkably eminent photography.
With his ever growing fame, he has not only gained international recognition as a talented photographer, but also widely recognized as the first Omani and Arab to do so. The Sultanate has now become the first country in the Arab world to become a part of the International photographic space. Abdullah, a humble man even with his growing recognition, believed that making his country proud and putting their name up there amongst the other ranks will always be one of his biggest and most important achievements of his career.
When asked about his journey as a photographer from the start to the esteemed place he is at today, he said, “Since 2012, I found myself attracted to the hobby (photography) more and more and I tried my best to enhance my photography skills through meeting professionals, attending local and international workshops and training programs abroad until I reached the stage of participation in international competitions, which was one of the most important things in my life. I saw the diversity in the work and technical schools, it was a great challenge to prove myself in the international forums as an upcoming photographer from the Sultanate, who could compete with all of the world’s best photographers.”
he told us, “I realized I had really succeeded and become famous when I heard my name as the only Omani photographer, amongst the most experienced and well-known photographers from around the world.” Abdullah Mohammed Al Musheirfi not only mesmerized the world with his enigmatic photography and eclectic photographs, but he made his countrymen proud and became the pride of the Sultanate of Oman.


Siham al saidi