Meet Ekster: The smart wallet that you can trace

Losing a wallet is one of the worst feelings ever. It not only means that your money is gone but also involves a lot of paperwork if you lose some important official documents such as your driver’s licence, credit and debit cards, ID’s and more. The Ekster 2.0 wallet, a smart wallet, is now available in the market and is poised to become your saviour. The unique feature of Ekster is that the wallet can be traced with the help of Tile Smart Location technology.
Ekster is not the first smart wallet in the Tech market given that Woolet a next-gen smart wallet was launched in March 2015. Woolet, however, could only alert the owner of misplacement or theft of the wallet. Ekster goes one step forward by giving users the option to track their wallet after losing it.
The ultra slim trackable wallet is the first of its kind to run on solar power. The wallet requires a maximum power of 800 lux to charge to maximum capacity. Therefore, it does not need to come into direct contact with sunlight to get fully charged.
The wallet syncs with the smartphone via Bluetooth. With the help of the Tile app, the user will easily get alerted about the last seen location of the wallet, which will aid them in knowing where to begin the search.
Tile is the largest lost and found community in the world, so the user will get a notification of the wallet’s most recent location on their smartphone automatically, whenever another Tile community member passes by the lost or stole Ekster wallet.
The Tile app also provides the user with a ring option, to ring the wallet and locate it if lost in small range.
Other than this unique tracking feature, Ekster also gives the option of Quick Card Access to the user. The wallet owner can access their most frequently-used cards in the order of preference by clicking a button located at the bottom of the wallet.