Meet a young Omani writer with a tender heart

MUSCAT, May 30 – Hoor al Salmani, at a tender age of 23, is one young Omani writer who you would very likely read more about her writings in the future. She is sensitive, deeply emotional and with a compassionate mind. But above all, Hoor has a loving heart that knows no bounds. Deep inside her heart, she needs love but for her, to get love, she realised at a young age she needs to show it first. This is the basis of her book, translated from Arabic, has a title “As though we never parted” which is already in circulation.
The book is also about a kaleidoscope of feelings, deep relationships, friendship and meaning of life. Hoor has just graduated with a degree in Airport Management at Modern College of Business and Science but her qualifications would be detached from what she writes.
Her future career may earn money for her upkeeping, but writing has always been a passion for her. Like other passionate writers before her, the whirlwind of her emotions strongly twirls around her heart and occasionally spills over in the word format on her laptop.
The book reconciles with her feelings and she sincerely hopes her readers would identify themselves while reading it.
The pages rise in a crescendo like a well-orchestrated symphony with a heightened desire to read more. But Hoor never intends to captivate the readers or grab their hearts. She wants them to deeply contemplate what they read and understand what they go through with people around them. Hoor says, in everyday life, as we whip the routine of our lives into shape, we fail to acknowledge the goodness in each other.
This, she strongly feels, is a catastrophic mistake.
“I wrote this book because there are many things in our life that we cannot express in speech and normally we don’t tell people. The only choice is to put them in writing to express ourselves better. Normally, writers notice a lot of things in people that other people normally ignore,” Hoor explained. Her book tries to bridge a gap between the unspoken word and the written one.
To her young mind, the written words are more powerful if they touch feelings in a realistic way.
She hopes the book will also encourage her readers not to take advantage of their relationships, emotions and passions. These feelings are natural and they should be suppressed.

Saleh Al Shaibany