Medical symposium looks at advances in brain hemorrhage treatment

MUSCAT, Aug 27 – A symposium on ‘Intracranial Hemorrhage & Aneurysms’, held in Muscat last week, looked at the perils associated with brain hemorrhage if not detected and treated immediately. Dr Nitin Dange, Consultant Surgeon — Neuro, Spine & Stroke, at Global Hospital in Mumbai, was the guest speaker. The event was organised by Muscat Family Physicians as part of their ongoing Continuing Medical Education (CME) programme. Brain hemorrhage is a serious problem, says Dr Dange. It either leads to death or permanent damage to the brain tissue resulting in paralysis. It requires quick and appropriate treatment by experts in the field to get the best results with minimum complications. It requires medical centres to be suitably equipped and staffed to treat such patients.
In his presentation, the Consultant Surgeon elaborated on the causes of intracranial hemorrhage, diagnostic techniques, and the investigations necessary to confirm the condition. Time is of the utmost importance, he emphasised, adding that the physician is also required to take a call on whether conservative treatment or surgery is the ideal course of action in a given situation. The outcome of treatment depends on a number of factors, including the type of facilities available at the hospital, and the experience of the doctors treating the patient. Access to the latest technology is also a factor. With prompt and effective treatment, patients can live a normal life, he said.
Around 50 doctors, among them neurosurgeons, neurologists, general surgeons, anesthetics and family physicians, attended the lecture. “Our aim is to keep abreast of the latest happenings in the field of healthcare. These international conferences help spread awareness not only amongst the medical community but also the general population,” said Dr Sanjay Dalal, Founder & Coordinator — Muscat Family Physicians.