Media Type: Multimedia Change your messenger app settings to ease communication overload

Who is online now? Has my message been read? Why has no one answered? People who use messenger apps can find it tough to avoid stressful questions like these constantly floating around in their minds.
However, there are ways to lessen the stress by going into the apps’ settings – or using different apps.
For example, in Hoccer, Threema and WhatsApp, you can turn off the read acknowledgement so that you won’t be shown whether or not your message has been read.
The Wire messaging app doesn’t have read acknowledgements, so could be a good option for anyone who finds it hard to resist the pull of turning them back on again. By contrast, in SimsMe and Telegram, you can’t turn them off.
Showing whether your contacts are online or offline is standard for many messaging apps, the exceptions being Threema, SimsMe, Signal and Wire. In the case of Telegram and WhatsApp, you can deactivate this status display.. — dpa