MEDC sponsors booklet on electricity conservation

MUSCAT, JUNE 30 – As part of the ongoing cooperation between Muscat Electricity Distribution Company (MEDC), a member of the Nama Group, and the Ministry of Education, MEDC is sponsoring the printing of a conservation booklet which provides information on conserving electricity, as well as other tips, anecdotes and competitions focusing on this important theme. The booklet is targeted at Cycle 2 schoolchildren cycle in Muscat Governorate.
MEDC’s support for the initiative is in line with its vision to promote awareness about the immensely important role of electricity in our lives, and in the advancement of the national economy. Conserving this valuable resources, as well as building awareness of the safety aspects and dangers associated with its use, is a key part of this objective.
Following the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the two sides in November 2014, MEDC has provided schools in the governorate with ‘scientific bags’ containing material for scientific experiments, including electrical circuits and other items to help foster a scientific interest in children centring on the use of electricity. The company has also sponsored the Future Generations booklet, which was launched recently for Cycle One children, in addition to School Bookcase project, and the drawing competition project on the theme, “We live with electricity”.