Mavic Air: DJI launches ‘ultraportable’ drone

Drone industry leader DJI unveiled the Mavic Air, the new $799 model that finds the sweet spot between the $399 Spark and the $999 Mavic Pro. The Mavic Air is an upgraded version of the Spark and a cheaper version of the Mavic Pro, offering customers another option among DJI drones. DJI Managing Director Michael Perry took the stage at a New York event to announce the Mavic Air, and he started by pulling out two of the drones from his vest pockets. This highlights the size of the Mavic Air, which takes up half the space of a Mavic Pro and weighs about 41 percent lighter. The Mavic Air is a bit bigger and heavier than the Spark though.
The DJI Mavic Air retains some of the high-end capabilities of the Mavic Pro. The drone comes with a 4K camera on board, mounted on a new and improved three-axis gimbal, and a 12 MP camera for taking still images. The Mavic Air also comes with the Active Track feature, which allows the drone to follow the movements of its subjects. In terms of battery life, the Mavic Air is capable of 21 minutes of flight time, in between the 16 minutes offered by the Spark and the 27 minutes offered by the Mavic Pro. The drone also comes with internal storage of 8 GB, with a microSD slot for memory expansion.
The drone, however, comes with a “sport” mode that will let it fly at 42.5 miles per hour, faster than both the Mavic Pro and the Spark, which have maximum speeds of 40 miles per hour and 30 miles per hour, respectively.