Matte Servio Galleria hosts 62 works reflecting beauty and harmony

Matti Servio Galleria in Jawharat al Shatti currently hosts around 62 artworks by 20 Omani and expat artists. The themes of the works vary including sculptures and conceptual art taking viewers into wonders of beauty and a deeper look into how the artists themselves see this beauty. The event was presided over by the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Finland in Muscat Abdul Ridha Mustafa Sultan.Mixing two cultures together, one artist used palm trees leaves to shape the Christmas tree celebrating two different cultures and highlighting the harmony between worlds especially the worlds of artists and their ways of getting along with each other united by a feather and a paint.

Showing his strong imagination, another artist mixed a photo of a mother carrying her baby with the shape of a crescent moon to reveal the idea that the two are similar in their mission in the world, both serve the world and enlighten the bath, each in his/her own way. The owner of the gallery, Finnish artist Matti, a resident in Oman said: “The aim of the hall is to promote the arts mainly and highlight the creative products of the artists.””

There is no profit goal from the hall, especially since the participants do not pay any amounts for displaying their work in the hall. While the hall earns about 15% of the sales, the profit will go towards payment of supplies and rental fees,” he added. As to the Omani artists who took part in the event,  Matte said: “Omani artists belong to different art schools and this makes a positive difference in the fields of Omani art. The Omani talents are very ambitious and they need only sharing expertise with other international artists to help them promote their own skills.

The Omani artist should take the initiative to participate in various events in order to have the opportunity to mix with different artists to exchange views. “He continued. “The hall achieves success in the exhibitions it hosts, and the number of its visitors and audience increases. there are a lot of businessmen, officials and art lovers who acquire many of the works that the hall embraces.” The “Matti Servio Galleria” hall opens its doors to the public from 10 am until 9 pm. The exhibition lasts until January 11, 2020.