Massive campaign against workers’ accommodation in residential areas

The Ministry of Manpower, represented by the Directorate General of labour welfare, arrested 74 expatriates during a campaign in one of the rented  houses in Azaiba on Friday.

The Ministry said the arrested persons included workers who left their jobs, infiltrators and the demobilized workforce.

Salim bin Saeed al Badi, director general of labour welfare, said, “The inspection came after the ministry received many complaints about the presence of these workers in the residential neighborhoods, and their negative effects on the society.”

Al Badi said the ministry has developed a working mechanism, including the formation of a team that will be able to inspect homes on receiving complaints from residential neighborhoods, in the coordination with concerned authorities.”

So far this year, around 524 workers have been arrested in Seeb, Bausher, Muttrah and Quriyat for various violations.

He said the housing of unmarried workers in residential neighborhoods have negative impact on the society and urged real estate owners to abide by laws. ONA