Mask, gloves must for shoppers: Govt

Muscat: It is mandatory now for the shoppers to wear face masks and hand gloves while visiting departmental stores, supermarkets and retail outlets. The step is yet another precaution to check the spread of Covid-19.

The Muscat Municipality has asked the retail outlets not to allow shoppers who are not wearing such personal protection equipment. Besides, it is mandatory for the customers to go through thermal scanners to assess their temperature and rule out the possibility of carrying the virus.

Speaking to the Observer, Omar bin Faisal al Jahdhami, Deputy Chairman for Consumer Services and Market Monitoring at the PACP, said that this measure was taken after it was found some customers were not strictly adhering to the anti-Covid-19 measures.

“All citizens and residents who visit a retail outlet, departmental store or a hypermarket should protect themselves with a face mask and a pair of hand gloves as means to protect themselves as well as fellow shoppers,” he said.

Earlier, the civic authorities had made masks and gloves mandatory for those who shop at the Central Fruit and Vegetable market in Mawaleh.

“Retail outlets where people mix are one of the highly vulnerable areas in terms of the community spread of the Coronavirus and precaution needs to be taken against such possible dangers from both – customers and retailers.”