Marginal rise in pensioners

The number of pensioners registered with the state pension funds recorded a marginal rise of 0.1 per cent in November compared to four months before in 2019.
According to data from the National Centre for Statistics and Information, there were 201,846 pensioners in Oman at the end of November last consisting of 118,954 males and 82,910 females.
The highest number of 59,939 pensioners was in the wage category from RO 1,000 to less than RO 2,000. This was followed by the category from RO 700 to less than RO 800, reaching a total of 35,840 pensioners.
The number of pensioners with wages from RO 800 to less than RO 900 rose by 0.1 per cent, reaching 31,784.
There were 20,131 pensioners with wages ranging from RO 325 to less than RO 400, 16,633 pensioners with wages from RO 500 to less than RO 600 and those with wages from RO 600 to less than RO 700 was 20,339.
The lowest number of pensioners was in the wage category from RO 2,000 and above, reaching 4,896.
By age category, pensioners between 35 and 39 years topped the list, reaching 53,708, followed by those between 30 and 34 years, reaching 46,970 pensioners.
This was followed by those between 40 and 44 years and those between 45 and 49, to reach 38,489 and 20,342, respectively.