Makeup must-haves for a modern woman

In 2017, Forbes has reported that the beauty industry is valued at almost $500 billion. Another research has shown that an average woman will spend almost $15,000 on beauty products in her lifetime and she can spend about $43 on a shopping trip. Although these data are global in nature, the same trend is likely true here in the Sultanate or anywhere in the Middle East. Beauty products without a doubt are a profitable business and Rihanna and Kylie Jenner who both established beauty empires can attest to how ridiculous cash can pour in if you know how to get things right.

For the majority of modern women, paying a handful of cash to be beautiful is a no-brainer. While movements encouraging women to go make-up free is on the rise, it would definitely take sometime before this is fully embraced by everyone. But what product does it take for a woman to feel beautiful? If you ask people working in the fashion industry, the answer would definitely be a lot. We picked three regular Janes — working women with regular jobs and different skin challenges — to share the five make-up must-haves they have in their make-up kit. And with this little experiment, we would come to understand that no two women are alike — not in skin colour, texture or feature. And definitely not on the beauty products.

Hasna Annacot
Business Analyst

People who know me knew that I have always been a make-up junkie. I always love to try on new beauty products and consistently fall for amazing reviews. However, there are certain items I swear by and keep restocking.
Even though I use many different things and vary it out depending on the occasion these are my absolute ride or die products to create my everyday glam look.

Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Primer
I used to break out like crazy after every photo-shoot. I needed a miracle that will stop the make-up from seeping into my skin and also to create a smooth canvas for the make-up application. Several professional make-up artists recommended that I use a primer before applying my make-up. This primer not only carries out its obvious function, it also gives my skin a beautiful glow. It is an oil-free primer that fades away the pores and texture. It acts as a barrier preventing the make-up to seep through and also gives a longer make-up wear.

Bobbi Brown Skin
Foundation Stick
Though I am not a big fan of foundations, I am not gifted with naturally flawless skin and there are times that I am very conscious about the little pigments and scars on my face. I prefer using foundations that give a natural finish and the Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick does just that. It leaves me with a natural and flawlessly even skin tone. It is easy to apply and you can use your fingertips to blend it in. It has a light coverage which makes your skin look very natural and less cakey.

Huda Beauty Warm Brown
Obsessions Palette
This little mini palette has 9 warm toned neutral colours consisting of 8 matte shades and 1 shimmery gold, one that works well on every skin tone. It is compact, easy to carry and even has a mirror. I love all the shades on this palette and I use it when I need a very effortless no make-up look. I can use this palette to create both a day and night look. It has no fall outs and blends really well. It is really pigmented and stays all day without any creasing.

Sephora Collection Waterproof Eyeliner in Black
I have always been obsessed with lining my eyes since I was a kid. When choosing an eyeliner I always look at the precision, the pigmentation and how long it stays. The Sephora Collection Waterproof Eyeliner does just that. It is available in 7 colours. It is absolutely the best liquid eyeliner I’ve ever used. The tip makes drawing your wing so easy and the colour is super dark on first application. It stays all day. I keep restocking this.

Huda Beauty Liquid Matte lipstick in Icon
I am a lipstick junkie who has almost all shades and brands of lipstick. I use the Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick in Icon on a regular basis as it is a go to colour for us medium skin toned girls. Even though it is a peachy pink colour when applied, as it dries the colour intensifies to give a dusky rose colour which I love. It is a very light weight formula and has amazing staying power. It also doesn’t dry out your lips which gives your lips a hydrated look.

Vianney Antonio
Marketing Manager

I like the freedom of not having any make-up on. Working in the hospitality industry, it is a ‘must’ however so I adopted an easy make-up routine that is fast to do and that would enhance my features rather than change it drastically. The simpler the make-up, the better for me. Considering the temperature, it is important for me that my skin is able to breath which is why on weekends, I always go make-up free.

EB Advance
Two way Cake
This foundation can be applied wet or dry which is a plus point for me. I needed that flexibility and what’s more, it has this moisturising feature that my skin really needs. I do not cover my face with it however. I just use ot to even out my skin tone or I use a Concealer as alternative to cover some blemishes. Its colours also compliment Orietal skin and I like the most that it leaves the skin smooth and soft.

Guerlain/Victoria Secret Blush
Guerlain and Victoria Secret blushes are both flirty and fun. They come in different shades and colours and they provide that rosy cheek delicate glow. I also love their texture and they are not heavy on the skin. I don’t use a lot of blush on. I just put a pinch to make my cheeks glow.

Rimmel London Waterproof Mascara
I have short eyelashes so I use this item to enhance it and make it longer. Its waterproof formula and natural looking feature fit what I need and its also guaranteed that they last long mostly, not needing any retouch. Since I’m always on the move, the fact that its run-resistant and dries fast makes it a comfy choice.

Maybelline (Liquid Master Precise) Eyeliner
Every girl deserves an eyeliner that stays. This one is smudge-proof and the fact that its thin allows for precise coverage. I also like that its sensitive to the eyes and is dermatologist tested. I use this daily to make my eye pop and look alive.

Revlon Matte Balm Pink Lipgloss
I have chappy lips and this usually can be a challenge. I also don’t like the feel of heavy lipsticks. I wanted a product that has vibrant colours and lasts but doesn’t dry my skin. Revlon’s Matte Balm Lipgloss fits what I needed especially that I want my make-up to look natural.

Media Personality

Make-up to me isn’t to cover blemishes or a tell-tale of insecurity but rather an expression of individual style — almost like an art form. Whilst many choose to not wear make-up, whilst others like a more natural make-up, people who know me will know I absolutely love make-up! I will use every opportunity to spend time (even if it means starting a little early) to grab a brush and “snatch” that face.
Although I own more make-up than most will probably need, there are a few things that I dip into on the daily. Not in the list is my holy grail Mac Fix+ which I use before and after to set my make-up . For reference, I tend to put on make-up when I get ready for work and take it off finally once I’m ready to go to bed and these are my daily picks for that flawless finish.
Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation
Rihanna’s make-up line — Fenty Beauty — is fantastic! Full coverage with a soft matte texture leaves your skin feeling like skin yet covering up any discolouration, nasty zits or even dark circles. It’s light and lasts all day. After a long day, if you get greasy? Touch up with any powder and you should be good to go!

Benefit Hula Matte Bronzer
Foundation can make your face seem flat. This bronzer adds back that summer glow as well as softly contours the face adding dimension without the extra contouring step. Its matte formula doesn’t exaggerate pores or textures in the skin and just gives you a sun-kissed warmth.
BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlight
I absolutely love highlighters, glitters and shimmers too! A little bit of highlighter on the top of the cheeks, brow bone, cupids bow and nose really makes that skin pop giving it that healthy glisten. This is my go-to product because it a perfect everyday highlight that isn’t too subtle but not too blinding. Personally, I use the shade Opal.

Morphe 35R Ready, Set, Gold Eyeshadow Palette
Along with highlighters, eyeshadows make up the rest of my collection! Drugstore to high-end, I love them all. Morphe palettes are not only budget friendly but the quality is absolutely amazing! Their shade ranges are fantastic and as someone who prefers a warm-toned everyday look, this is my go-to pallet!
Rimmel Waterproof Liquid Liner
Eyeliner has been a staple since before I started putting make-up on! Rimmel’s waterproof eyeliner is something I’ve always gone back to even after using other higher-end products. It doesn’t bleed or clump and stays put even in Muscat’s high humidity!

Mac Lip Liner and Lipstick in Whirl
As more of an eyeshadow than lips person, nude lips are my go-to! Although liquid lipsticks are fantastic, Mac’s shade whirl has been a favourite of mine for years! Combining their lipliner and lipstick, it tends to stay on throughout the day with a touch up after a meal or just to refresh. It doesn’t dry your lips out and feels comfortable throughout the day.