She makes a living out of her passion for literature

By Kaushalendra Singh — SALALAH: March 15 – It is not easy generally to listen to your heart when deciding a career, that too when you graduate with a specialised subject like Information Technology (IT) and your heart lies with language and literature. A little late, Fatma al Mashani of Taqah and an ex-student of Salalah College of Applied Science, showed up with her love for literature and started collecting literature books for own reading. Started with a meager RO 30, Fatma today has good number of books. So much so that has started selling books in Arabic literature, making it a career for her.
A passionate woman for books, Fatma is participating in the ongoing Salalah Book Fair in Dhofar University with a collection 500 books and “one hundred something titles.” A contrast might be for others, but as a strong statement for her love for literature, her book stall number 58 named as TamiShop does not have any book on IT in which she graduated in 2015 with a reasonably high grade. A visibly confident Fatma calls it a career of her choice, close to her heart and a service she feels like giving to those who have similar passion.
Her course in IT might be helping her in selling the books without having any shop anywhere. “I sell them online. I am happy that my books move fast and I get opportunity to read some books of my choice. Life goes very smooth in the company of books,” she says. Asked why she chose to take part in the fair when she is selling books online only, Fatma said, “book fairs are platforms for sellers and buyers. Like other participants I also want to let book lovers know about my collections and get the pulse of readers, their choice and trends in the market.”
She has a very good collection of novels, stories, poems, motivational books and books that promote positive outlook. “There has always been demand for celebrity authors as fame prevails over content. But as a keen reader I find some great content by little known writers. But they do not sell much because they do not have publicity,” she said.
Fatma’s favuorite writer is Ghazi al Qusaibi. She selects books as per latest trend and readers’ choice. “Love stories and novels are all time popular. People like to read about social issues as literature is the mirror of any society, so social issues naturally reflect in books.”
Before venturing out her luck in books, Fatma tried to do something related to her education “but failed. I am lucky to have my mother, aunt and husband who supported in my venture and I am successful in my own perception of success,” she admits.