Majlis elections approve Oman’s uniqueness

As the countdown begins for the coming elections of Majlis Ash’shura, the Sultanate of Oman has been witnessing social mobility regarding the competition among candidates all over the country. Although it is a tough and fiery race to secure a seat in one of the two chambers of the Council of Oman, the competition among the candidates is characterised by unique and authentic Omani attitude in handling such issues — no fuss of election campaigns as is seen everywhere around the world.
This traditional and pure Omani attitude provides local communities with more safeguards not to be victims of exaggerated promises that are often associated with election campaigns at the regional and international levels.
In the Sultanate, the Majlis elections are based on our established and authentic morals and ethics of our society which are in line with the developments the local communities have experienced since the blessed Renaissance initiated and guided by the wisdom of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos.
Contributing to building an unmatched Omani electoral culture, the campaigns launched in Oman by the candidates are very balanced; as they are very far from exaggeration. This unique methodology in dealing with the electoral competition clearly reflects the pillars and basis on which the political participation is built to have a true and fair decision making process.
The electoral process unfolding in Oman, represented by the campaigns launched by the candidates, harnesses in a very accurate manner the harmony between the traditional view which is based on values of local communities and latest technologies.
The candidates optimise all social media platforms to promote and communicate their programmes and views to the voters and the local communities at large.
As the names of candidates and voters are announced, the countdown for the elections began with Omanis casting their votes in October. This once again shows the uniqueness of the Sultanate in establishing the principles of democracy in line with community development and development plans and efforts exerted in Oman since the first days of the blessed Renaissance.
The posters and pictures circulated by candidates via different social media platforms in addition to the posts the candidates put to promote their programmes and view are evident that all the candidates are equipped with required knowledge and skills to campaign in a decent manner which observes Omani traditions and values.
This outreach provides the voters with fair and equal opportunities to raise their concerns and know more about the programmes and views of the candidates, in addition to their plans to address the issues which concern the voters.
We can safely say that these electoral campaigns are carried out in a friendly manner where every candidate gives priority to public interest in an honest and sincere competition which reflects the extent to which our community culture has developed.
We wish success to the candidates who really deserve to be members at the Majlis by winning this political experience which reflects and approves the high level of knowledge and progress the Omani people have reached at political and social levels.