Majlis discusses development of Jebel Shams

By Staff Reporter — MUSCAT: MARCH 7 – The Majlis Ash’shura on Tuesday hosted Salim bin Mohammed al Nuaimi, Under-Secretary, Ministry of Transport and Communications (MoTC), to find answers to the recommendations put forward for the development of Jebel Shams. The members wanted to find out reasons for the withdrawal of a tender for the pavement of the 7-km road to Jebel Shams, for which the reply was that a tender will be floated again subject to availability of funds. It was also confirmed that there are no plans to develop the road linking the Jebel Shams with Batinah at the moment. The session touched upon the development of communications network in the mountainous regions.
The Shura members had conducted a field visit study to Jebel Shams to study the problems with regards to development faced by the people.
Meanwhile, chairman of the Public Authority for Consumer Protection (PACP) clarified with regard to the Consumer Protection Act and the Competition and Monopoly Protection Law. The council also discussed with experts from the Ministry of Social Development about the project of the Arab convention for the elimination of violence against women and girls and domestic violence.
Experts said the project aims to protect women and girls from all forms of violence and the prevention of domestic violence and prosecute the perpetrators, and to develop a comprehensive framework, policies and measures to protect and assist all victims of violence against women, in addition to the need to strengthen cooperation on regional and international level in order to eliminate all forms of violence against women.