Majlis Ash’shura ushers in a new era

The Sultanate is making one stride after another to be recorded in the history in golden letters. The initiative taken to strengthen the role of the people in the country’s decision-making process is another major achievements. This has played a major role in promoting Shura march in Oman.
Majlis Ash’shura elections have just concluded and the citizens elected their representatives to the council which enjoys legislative and other powers.
By their participation in these elections, the citizens have set an example of using their franchise to make their voice heard and represented. They actively participated in the electoral process with full awareness and understanding of its importance. They tried their best to send those who they thought are best to represent them in Majlis.
They also hope that their representatives will display ethical and moral values while performing their duties. They should also show their full commitment to serve the nation and those who have elected them. There were 712 candidates in fray for 86 seats in the Majlis to represent all wilayats in the country according to the number of their population.
Everyone has accepted the results of the elections. It was a broad expression of their awareness and understanding of what this electoral process means for them. Everybody in the country knows that the entire process has noble goals and objectives to serve the beloved country.
Those who failed to make to it will have the opportunity to participate the next time. They also deserve to be greeted for their participation in the election process. Similarly, it was important to vote as a citizen of the country. Actually, in the love of the homeland, there is no loser. All are valuable and precious for the country.
The electoral process which culminated with the announcement of the final results was also successful. It was huge work which required integrated work system to manage and organise the elections efficiently and transparency.
For the election process, latest electronic voting and counting machines were used. It made the process swift and smooth. It also helped in preventing errors and preserved the integrity of the electoral process. The results are the most important stage in the process in which errors are never accepted. All the efforts made by the candidates during election campaign depend on this stage. Therefore, the focus was on this final stage of the electoral process of screening and announcement of results.
Now the elected representatives would be busy in doing their work in Majlis. They will be busy dealing with the issues and concerns of the people who have sent them as their representatives to the Majlis.
The voter is eagerly waiting to see how his/her representative is addressing their aspirations for which they voted for. The voters do not want to be ignored. They have hope and confidence in their representatives. The voters would monitor how they are served by their representatives sitting in the Majlis.
We hope that the new members of the Majlis Ash’shura would study all their files which have started piling on their tables. All eyes are now on their conduct.