Majlis Ash’shura Office holds meeting

MUSCAT: The Majlis Ash’shura Office valued the practical steps that were taken by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in following up the M95 petrol case and the reactions that ensued on both social media and mainstream media. In this regard, the Office affirmed the importance of protecting the rights of the consumers who were affected. This was discussed at the Majlis Ash’shura Office which was held on Tuesday under the chairmanship of Shaikh Khalid bin Hilal al Maawali, Chairman of Majlis Ash’shura.
The Office discussed a number of topics on the agenda including reviewing ministers’ replies and reports of the permanent committees, among others.
The meeting reviewed a ministerial reply provided by the minister of social affairs to a question raised by the council regarding the form used for estimating the income from productive farms that the applicants for the social insurance benefit (and their relatives) are required to fill. In his reply, the minister said the Social Insurance Law states the authority concerned should conduct a social survey that aims to estimate the income of productive farms. The relevant authorities study the subject considering the circumstances surrounding the agricultural environment. The Office decided to include the topic into the next general meeting of Majlis Ash’shura.
The Office also reviewed the Minister of Social Development’s message regarding the visions on the final observations of the National Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women and the Council of Minister’s decision to refer these observations to the authority concerned in order to be studied.
The Office also decided to refer the observations to the Services
and Social and Development Committee.
The Office discussed a question to the Minister Responsible for Financial Affairs regarding tax violations committed by some companies, the developments that took place in the case and whether taxes were collected from these companies and the measurements being taken by the ministry towards these violations knowing that they occur every year. It also discussed the delay in collecting the government’s dues from the revenues of natural gas and the causes for the delay.
The Council also discussed the question raised to the Minister of Manpower and Chairman of the Public Authority for Social Insurance (PASI) on the authority’s investment plans and the means for reducing actuarial deficit.