Majlis Ash’shura discusses panel reports

Muscat, June 26 – Majlis Ash’shura discussed the Health and Environment Committee’s report on the amendments of the Law of Environment Protection and Pollution Control and the Economic and Financial Committee’s report on the proposed draft Development Planning Law which was referred to the council by the State Council. During its 17th regular session held on Wednesday under the chairmanship of Khalid bin Hilal al Maawali, Shura discussed the Services and Social Development Committee’s reports regarding high fees of the government licences and services.
The council members listened to ministerial answers for questions raised by the members. They listened to the reply of the minister of regional municipalities and water resources regarding environmental permits for poultry farms constructed in the vicinity of residential neighbourhoods. The minister said the ministry has not issued any permits for poultry farms.
The minister of regional municipalities and water resources had also replied to a question about the expat workers’ accommodations amidst the neighbourhoods. In his answer the ministry said that a committee has been formed to regulate expat workers’ accomodations and that the committee came out with a number of recommendations that included suggestions and regulations and the committee’s recommendations were referred to the Council of Ministers which directed the committee to reassess the matter.
The council also reviewed the minister of education response on curbing private tuition classes. The minister said private tuitions classes take place in houses and the ministry has no authority over them.
In her answer to a question, the minister said that the ministry is trying hard to resolve the issue of 5,240 employees whose promotions were delayed. The matter has been discussed with the ministry of finance to find suitable solutions. As the same problem exists in other ministries and government units, the minister of Diwan of Royal Court has decided to form a committee.
It has been agreed that the employees get a promotion every four years but the matter has been suspended due to the current financial situation.