Maisoor claims ninth win at UAE Derby

MUSCAT: Royal Cavalry’s Maisoor secured its ninth win when the stallion won a race outsmarting many top horses at the UAE Derby Championship at Abu Dhabi Equestrian Club on March 19.  The horse was ridden by Adrie De Vries and trained by Said al Badi. Brigadier General Abdulrazak Al Shahwarzi, Commander of the Royal Cavalry, said the champion Maisoor is one of the Royal Cavalry’s best bred horses and has a rich record of wins in horse racing championships.
“He could win in famous races on world racetracks.  Recently, after he won Trio Crown Race at Abu Dhabi Equestrian Club, Maisoor became the focus of media and people and this posed challenge for us, but we put successfully a programme for the horse and its team, and the stallion continued winning races despite strong competition. As a recognition, the stallion will get a creation for 5 months after which he will resume racing,” Al 961171Shahwarzi said. The horse won the top place on all its participation on grass and dust racetracks. It won the first place in 1,600 metres, 2,000 metre and 2,200 metres races.
Duc De Faust
Royal Cavarly’s horses continued winning at Abu Dhabi Equestrian Club.  Royal Cavalry’s Duc De Faust became second in the first race of the final racing for season 2016-17 at UAE Derby Championship. The race ran for 1,400 metres and the horse was ridden by Patrick Dobbos under the training of Ibrahim Zaher al Hadrami. Saif al Al Arab horse owned by Forta Farm, came second and Dana owned by Khalifa al Naboda came third.