Mahout and Qurayat sizzle at 50

Mahout recorded the highest temperature on Wednesday, with the mercury touching 50 degrees Celsius.
Met Office station in Joba in Mahout recorded a temperature of 50 degrees Celsius from 2 pm to 4 pm.
Qurayat too touched 50 degrees; it remained so for one hour. Bidiya recorded 49.9.
Adam’s peak temperature was 49 degrees Celsius and Nizwa’s 47.
Windy conditions and humidity made life difficult in Al Wusta, according to the Met Office.
The wind was blowing from Rub al Khali, the Empty Quarter.
“It was windy today (Wednesday) with about 25 knots, resulting in dust storms in Sharqiyah Governorate,” said the weather forecaster.
Dust storms were experienced in Al Wusta, Al Dhahirah and Al Dakhiliyah.
However, the coast of Arabian Sea has been pleasant with temperatures ranging in the 30s in areas such as Ras al Hadd. “Coastal areas are expected to be cooler today (Thursday) and tomorrow (Friday) as well,” said the Met Office.
According to the Met Office, along the coast, winds will be northerly to northeasterly light to moderate during the day and become southwesterly light to moderate at night.
Along the coast of Arabian Sea, winds will be southwesterly moderate to fresh, while over rest of the Sultanate, winds will be northwesterly light to moderate. Sea conditions have been rough along the coastal areas of Arabian Sea with a maximum wave height of four metres and along rest of the coast 1.25 metres.
Weather experts have cautioned about rough sea conditions in the Arabian Sea and visibility being moderate to poor over areas affected by dust storms.
Dhofar is expected to see partly cloudy to cloudy skies along coastal areas and adjoining mountains with intermittent drizzle.
Mainly clear skies are likely over rest of the Sultanate with chances of low-level clouds along the coastal areas. Dust storms are likely in the desert areas.
The weather conditions have been challenging for the outdoor workers, especially those in oil fields.
Experts warned against dehydration, while the electricity authorities asked residents to be cautious with electrical appliances.