M95 fuel withdrawn from some stations after complaints

Muscat, Sept 8 – The M95 fuel was on Friday withdrawn from some filling stations in North Batinah and Buraimi by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) following complaints by motorists over the fuel quality. “This is a precautionary measure as the marketing companies have been cooperating with Orpic for a fresh supply of M95 fuel,” said the ministry. It said the process may take some time and it could affect the availability of M95 temporarily in those stations. It urged consumers to go to alternative stations during this period. The ministry said that other petroleum products such as diesel and M91 fuel will be available as usual.

A team of specialists from the ministry, fuel marketing companies and Orpic is making efforts to ensure M95 is available at these stations as soon as possible, said the ministry statement. “My vehicle stopped working after a refill in Suhar. It has been lying in a workshop for the past two days,” said Mohammed, a motorist from North Batinah. “Mistakes can happen, but the consumer should be informed at the right time and compensated,” said a customer in Buraimi. Across the country, vehicle owners felt there should be a statement on what the problem is and whether it would affect their vehicles. On September 3, MoCI had issued its first statement on the quality of M95 fuel supplied at some filling stations.

“We are closely following what is being circulated on social media about some consumers’ complaint about the quality of fuel being sold at many filling stations.” Orpic too said on September 3 that there have been a number of queries concerning the fuel quality at these places. The company reassured the public that all its petroleum products supplied to all marketing companies are of the same quality as per approved measures and specifications.

Vinod Nair