The Governorate of North Al Sharqiyah has 25 hotel facilities and the number of companies operating in the tourism sector stands at 42. The governorate is currently implementing a number of projects including apartment hotels, four new hotels, two green hotels in the Wilayat of Ibra, a hotel and three tourist camps and a green inn in the Wilayat of Bidiya. The governorate has opened many promising projects to serve tourists who come to the governorate to enjoy its wadis, ponds, mountain trails, sand, castles, forts and ancient lanes.
Three exhibitions were held in Muscat, Suhar and Salalah, raising awareness on the issue of cheque bounce.
This edition secured the release of 252 insolvents. Thirty lawyers took part.
The 2018 edition plans to close the biggest number of “execution files”. A sum of RO 2,000 was set as the maximum amount for each executive file.
“We approached private institutions and individuals to support this work through various means and the response has been overwhelming.”
An individual benefactor financed the release of 30 insolvents in Al Dhahirah.
The first person to contribute to this year’s fund is a woman from Salalah, with a RO 5,000 donation.
Some contributors created WhatsApp groups and collected money and paid for the release of insolvents.
Another group of benefactors donating money include Omantel employees, while the company too contributed an equal amount.
Bank Muscat contributed a huge sum for the release of 190 people.
“A charity association is currently in talks with us for the release of 20 insolvents, including professional reintegration (finding them jobs as per their professional experience,” said Al Zadjali.