Tropical low pressure to bring rains all across Oman

Muscat: Muscat could be the first governorate to receive rains as a result of the tropical low pressure being formed currently over the north eastern segment of the Arabian Sea developing cloud advection by Friday evening or night.

The rains are expected to begin by Friday evening or Saturday early morning with peak forecast to be on Saturday.

“The impact of the low pressure is expected to be experienced throughout the governorates of the Sultanate.  The rainfall could reach up to 100 mm in 24 hours during the peak.  The coastal areas of Oman are expected to be rough,” explained Nasser al Ismaily, Weather Forecaster, Oman Met Office, Public Authority for Civil Aviation.

Some of the coastal areas of the Arabian Sea are already experiencing five meters high waves.

“Caution needs to be practiced as there are good chances for flash floods during this period so one should not approach wadis or try to cross them.  One has to avoid venturing out to sea as all over the coastal areas the wave height will be ranging from three to five meters,” warned Al Ismaily.

The low pressure could bring in flash floods, downdraft winds with a possibility of hail storms.  The local cloud development could also enhance the rains as there would be two mechanisms working at the same time, pointed out the weather forecaster.

There could also be seawater inundation in low lying coastal areas in connection with high tide timings mainly in Muscat, South and North AL Batinah and maybe Eastern Coast of Musandam as well.

Otherwise the weather has been cloudy to partly cloudy skies over the coastal areas of Dhofar governorate and adjoining mountains with drizzle. Mainly clear skies over rest of the Sultanate with advection of high clouds and chance of clouds development and isolated rain over Al Hajar Mountains and adjoining willayats toward evening with chance of late night to early morning low level clouds or fog patches over the Arabian Sea and the Oman Sea.

Humidity has been high on Wednesday with some places in Oman experiencing 100 percent.  It is expected to come down now but still ranging between 50% to 90% in Muscat and 70% to 90% in Salalah.

Highest temperature has been recorded in Fahud with 48 degree Celsius and the lowest is at Jabal Shams and Jabal Samhan with 27 degree Celsius.

Meanwhile, the Public Authority for Civil Defense and Ambulance (PACDA) has confirmed its readiness to deal with any adversities of the tropical depression
In a statement to the Observer, the PACDA has said that it has put all its centers in the governorates on standby as well as activating operational plans for dealing with climatic conditions.
“Also, the governorates expected to be affected have been provided with a number of equipment and mechanisms specialised in operations, search and rescue to support PACDA centers to respond and deal with reports that may occur due to the tropical depression.
The Public Authority calls on citizens and residents to:
1) Take utmost care and caution in the event of rain and valleys runoff
2) Not to risk crossing them
3) Stay away from low places, valley streams, electricity poles and lighting
4) Install boats in safe places
5) Monitor children
6) Not to spread or circulate rumours, and
7) Follow the bulletins issued by the competent authorities.