Low pressure to bring rain from Friday

MUSCAT: Many governorates of the Sultanate are expected to witness an exceptional low pressure system from Friday until May 23 or 24. The outset of the weather system will be in the form of local cloud formations bringing heavy rains, particularly over Al Hajar Mountains and most parts of the Sultanate.  Mahmood bin Rashid al Akhiary, Head of Weather Forecast Department at the National Early Warning Centre, said: “This weather system is exceptional in view of the fact it is occurring in May which normally sees extremely hot and dry weather. Primary analysis of weather charts indicates that the Arabian Peninsula and the Sultanate will be affected by a weather system in the coming days. There are chances of rains starting from Friday.”

The low pressure will bring rains of varying amounts over Al Hajar Mountains which are likely to extend to the coastal wilayats. The rains are likely to cover a wide area of the Sultanate with the peak of rainfall being on Sunday and Monday. Varying amounts of rains and occasion thunder showers and hail are predicted over the mountains, the official said. Some numerical weather predictions indicate rains of up to 50 mm in some areas, Al Akhiary said, noting that the predictions are subject to change especially that low pressures rarely occur at this time of the year. The predictions are likely to change as the weather system closes in. Weathermen are closely monitoring the situation and continuously following up the latest updates, Al Akhiary said, advising citizens and residents to follow only officials.