‘Only love can heal’

Book review – 


Jayne Ann Krentz is an American writer of romance novels. She is the author of a series of – bestsellers under seven different pennames. Over 35 million copies of her novels are in print.
Charlotte discovers that her step sister’s friend Louise was slayed. She sees Max who is looking into the inquiry at her brother’s demand. Then she finds out her step sister Jocelyn is not on her month long tech-free holiday and all of Jocelyn’s friends who were participating in an investment trading club are getting slayed one by one. Charlotte teams up with Max to expose who is behind the murders and tries to rescue Jocelyn.
Krentz gives her masterpiece some thrilling events, a little bit of romance, and a great mystery which she holds back to surprise her readers. Every page is spellbinding, enthralling and multifaceted. To intertwine an intricate web of treachery, multi-levelled story is what the author is known for.
Charlotte and Max are depicted as ordinary characters that have their own battles in life. The former is a woman who is trying to move on from an unsuccessful relationship while the latter is a man who loves the chap who treats him like a son. Both have experienced heartaches which only love could heal. During the on-going investigation, the heroine is inexperienced to a point but she is also able to think when she is in trouble. She is a loving and thoughtful woman who is trying to find her sister and is doing a great job helping Max sort through the facts. The hero is smart enough to get the work done but is keen to accept help when necessary. I like answering the riddle along with our key personae who are trying to surpass the getting-to-know stage.
The book is a penetrating, exciting and fast paced read. However, due to some language and violence content, it is recommended for adult readers.