Local Omani firm emerges as specialist oil-well cementing solutions provider

Qurum Energy Services (QES), billed as a 100 per cent Omani owned and operated oilfield services providers, has beefed up its technical capabilities with the acquisition of a pair of new oil-well cementing units as well as a batch mixer, which have been suitably modified and customised to meet the specific requirements of local operators.
The enhancements, according to Abdullah al Fadhli, Chief Technical Officer, have positioned QES as the Sultanate’s specialist oil-well cementing solutions provider.
The state-of-the-art cementing units and batch mixer were unveiled at a ceremony held the premises of the Ministry of Oil and Gas in Muscat yesterday. Salim bin Nasser al Aufi, Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Oil & Gas, who was shown around the equipment, praised QES on its initiative to upgrade the systems to suit the needs of the local market.
“The redesign of the units reflects the feedback QES has received from its customers and is an indication the company has been listening to them,” said the Under-Secretary. “QES is committed to providing high quality services and output. The modifications have been made based on local knowledge by Omani engineers, which is a good indication that the company is committed to In-Country Value (ICV) development and improvement.”
“The short journey of QES is an indication that this company is determined to succeed. I am impressed with what they have done over the last three years, winning contracts competitively.
This is exactly what we need to see from local companies entering the market — compete fairly and demonstrate their capabilities with minimum support from the government,” Al Aufi added.
Starting operations in 2015, QES is an oil wells cementing solutions company. Its primary services include slurry design, lab testing and job execution.
The company’s In-Country Value achievements include being the first Omani company to: cement two full exploration wells (MOL Maisoorah-1 and Hussna-1); cement full steam injection wells (Oxy-Mukhaizna); 100 per cent scope of work (Daleel Petroleum) and; two weeks mobilisation and 100 per cent scope for work for two months (CCED).
The new oil-well cement units and mixer system are designed and re-engineered by Omani engineers. “We increased the features of the units to make them fit for Oman operations,” said Abdullah al Fadhli. “We noticed that during summer, where temperatures reach up to 65 degrees Centigrade, machines would fail, so we increased the horsepower of the units to avoid overheating.
We also put a built-in backup unit to ensure smooth and continuous operations. We also adjusted the mixing tank to avoid water flooding as a way of protecting our environment.”
According to the official, QES has been using foam cementing technology, which involves a mixture of cement slurry, foaming agents and a gas (usually nitrogen). If mixed properly, foamed cement forms a strong, stable and lightweight cement slurry, he said
Commenting on future growth prospects, Al Fahdli added: “We are very optimistic because we can see the Ministry of Oil & Gas supporting ICV initiatives of local companies. We see 2018 will be a very good year for us and for other local companies as well because of the government’s programmes and support for us.”