Local clubs bolster their ammunition ahead of the new season

MUSCAT: The local clubs are bolstering their ammunition ahead of the new season as many teams raised their level of preparations and strengthen their squad for the top-tier national football league for the upcoming season 2019/2020.

Mirbat club is one of the teams which announced their readiness for the next season through unveiling the support staff of the team and main additional players to the squad for Omantel League.
Sergio Davial from Portugal will preside over the support staff as head coach of the club while the former national team player Hussain al Hadhari was assigned as assistant technical coach. Coach Fernando from Angola will be the head coach of the goalkeepers.
Many new faces will join the Dhofar governorate club including the former national team player Said al Ruzaiqi who came from Saudi Arabia’s Al Taie club. The contract will be valid for two seasons. In addition to that, Mirbat club has signed up with Nadheer al Maskari and Al Moutaism al Mukhaini as the two main local players. Calbries from Argentina is one of the many foreign players who will add strong technical value for the team in the forthcoming season. Carlos Di Slva from Angola, Denis from Niegeria and Kakoni Krooki from Japan will be available in the list of Mirbat team. The team which was positioned in the tenth place last season are seeking to be one of the main competitors in the upcoming national competition. Mirbat is currently participating in a friendly tournament as part of the sports activities of Salalah tourism festival.
Al Suwaiq, on the other hand, announced through their official twitter account the new players who joined the team featuring the Ghanaian player Phillip who has enough experience in the Sultanate leagues as he had previous experience in the other local clubs including Al Salam and Salalah. Besides Phillip, many new local players joined the North al Batinah club including Said al Salami, al Khuder al Balushi, Yaqoob al Oraimi and Issam al Saadi.
Saham club succeeded to get the service of Palestinian player Mohammed Baleh who will be part in the squad of the club. Saham club had signed many contracts with young players including Obaid Said al Khaldi, Abdullah al Farsi, Mohammed al Khaldi and Hani al Qartoobi as per the unveiled details in the official twitter account of the team.
The former champion of Omantel league Dhofar club, had signed with many players including the Morocco player Bu Shoaib al Sofani who came from Kuwait league. Also, the squad of the team will include the Spain player Lopez who came from Saudi club, Jableen and Zoma Lionel who came from France. The club renewed the contract of the national team players Mohammed al Sulaimi and Harib al Saadi while Fayez al Rushaidi will be the goalkeeper of the team.