Local camel race in Wilayat of Barka marks National Day

BARKA: Al Raid local camel race was organised at the Al Wahra Race Track in the Wilayat of Barka on Saturday on the occasion of the 47th Glorious National Day.
The race included 8 rounds as three rounds were allocated for Al Abkar, 3 for Al Jaadan and 2 for Al Hajaej Abkar and Jaadan.
The results of the race came as follows:
In the 1st round for Fataem Abkar, Sinaaa owned by Abdullah bin Suleiman al Rashidi came first.
In the 2nd round for Fataem Jaadan, Mayhab owned by Hanad bin Saif al Rashidi came first.
In the 3rd round for Fataem Abkar, Mamlaka owned by Abdullah bin Ali al Rashidi came first.
In the 4th round for Fataem Jaadan, Muhajir owned by Abdullah bin Said al Rashidi came first. In the 5th round for Fataem Abkar, Zaafaranah owned by Musabah bin Jamiyal al Rashidi came first. In the 6th round for Fataem Jaadan, Al Shamikh owned by Ahmed bin Hamad al Wahibi came first.
In the 7th round for Hajaej Abkar, the camel owned by Masoud bin Nassir al Yahmadi came first. In the 8th round for Hajaej Jaadan, Wald Al Dareiyah owned by Ahmed bin Abdullah al Awaisi came first.