Life returning to new normal

Muscat: Life is slowly becoming normal in the Sultanate as the extended lockdown got over on August 15 and the people have embraced the new normal in the right spirit.

However, some businesses including personal grooming centres, barbershops, and beauty parlours, besides the traditional souqs have not yet commenced operations. They are expecting to resume soon, based on official announcements.

“We are slowly straightening the curve and with the support of the people, we will certainly win over it. All the precautionary measures that we announced from time to time need to be followed strictly,” Dr Faryal told the Observer.

Oman started imposing restrictions from the first week of April with controlled travel to and from focal areas of COVID-19 followed by lockdown in between the governorates.

Today, people are excited to have resumed work and life getting back on track after nearly four-and-a-half months.

Wasan Bader al Malki, Founder of Thy Hard, an innovative concept of luxurious lifestyle talks about her plans than brooding over the lost days.

“We all know that COVID-19 has impacted us in different ways and any businesses affected but it shouldn’t stop anyone from chasing their dreams or implementing whatever you’ve been working on,” Wasan, a young, ambitious entrepreneur said, adding that “we shouldn’t be influenced by negative forces.”

“There is always a way out in front of any adverse situations. Thanks to the nation, the government, the Supreme Committee, all ministries including the Ministry of Health for doing a great job for the people.”

Ahlam al Sanani, founder, 9 Homes believes that the pandemic has shown life in different hues and the whole idea of life is changed.

“We need to think and plan accordingly, chase dreams and follow up the things that we stopped earlier, every day. We will not reach anywhere if we are stuck. Keep moving,” said Ahlam who is handling has many projects.

“The pandemic period gives us a lot of introspection and time to think and act and fine-tune whatever our dreams and goals are, and an insight that whatever we were chasing was not that important and one needs to focus on what is important,” avers Jagruthi Narwani, Media and PR Agency executive.

The youth prefer to believe that COVID-19 has given us a lot of time to reassess and realign our dreams and goals. The energy that they are going to be back to work with is different and they are excited to see what this can bring out from them.

Hamyar al Brashdi, another young self-starter compares the preconceived notion pre-corona and what it has taught us.

“It seemed like it was a big blow in the beginning but the outcome is that we could learn a lot. We learned to spend more time with our family, we learned to manage time efficiently, understand life in a better way. Now that things are going normal and life is getting back to the track, we shouldn’t forget what it taught us.”

Abdulla Haq Badi says that the COVID-19 period taught us how to fine-tune our lives in congruence with the natural rhythm of life and now that we are getting back on track, let’s respect the resources, values, and surroundings and aim for betterment.

Lessons are certainly learned. But implementing them effectively during the days to come will only define what future unfolds to us. Obeying the rules and regulations, abiding by the precautions in word and spirit will be crucial in determining the win over the pandemic.