Life is like preparation for exams

Lakshmi Kothaneth

Expect the unexpected.  When we study for exams how much time do we focus to achieve a good score in comparison to actually understanding the subject and applying it?

We even think of the psychology of the teacher and narrow it down to potential questions he/she might ask in the exam.  Now when it comes to life we do not somehow think of all the potential situations we might have to cross in life.

Parents rather guard their offspring and give them pleasant and beautiful memories to look back on.  It was not quite so in the past in many cultures.  Children grew up seeing reality and often got firsthand experience to face life and its challenges from a very young age.  The hands-on experience was an education of its own.

Lifestyle changed with development of the society and so did the challenges.  So when we think of teachers setting our question papers we do not know how our life’s test are being arranged. Some say it is one’s karma, result of your actions and many others say it is one’s destiny.  Some parents worry constantly foreseeing where their children’s life could be leading.  At times they have to watch helplessly other times they intervene.

Can we reappear for exams?

If we did not perform fairly well as up to our satisfaction, do we get another chance?  Just like education we might lose time or years getting back to track.  Then again, life might never be the same again.

The truth is no one can get us back in track unless we want it ourselves.  It is desire that leads to motivation.  It is that hunger or thirst not just to prove to oneself, but it is to make a life for life is not just to exist.

It is important to exist and enjoy the moment for what it is, but it is equally important to channel the waters and maneuver the twists and turns of life.  There would be times when we have to take the lead and then there would be reasons to step back and be led.  We need not be masters of everything but we do require being master of our mind.

If we were to let our mind go on its own path it would be busy floating with day dreams, sinking in negativity leading to depression – all of which takes us away from reality losing touch with positivity and opportunity.

To keep us balanced we need a good portion of faith and mentors as well as self control to steer our mind back to the focused path.  And leave behind comparisons.

Going through this period of pandemic, our challenges are not to move into the fear zone or the comfort zone where we become relaxed and overlook the guidelines to protect oneself from the virus called Covid­-19.

This too shall pass and the answer is in the strength of the mind.