Lexus launches first ever LC500 Sport Coupe in Oman

1019347At an exclusive function, held at Hotel Grand Hyatt, the First Ever 2017 Lexus LC500 and LC500 Hybrid was launched in Oman. The Guests of Honour at the function was Koji Nagata, General-Manager, Middle East and North Africa Division, Toshiyuki Nakahara — Project General- Manager, Lexus and the creator of the All New LC — Koji Sato, Chief Engineer. Gracing the occasion were dignitaries from the public and private sectors.
In his keynote address, Koji Nagata, General Manager, spoke about Lexus’ successful journey since its incorporation. He said, “The history of Lexus began with the introduction of the LS in 1989. The LS set a new standard for quality receiving high acclaim worldwide. It earned the trust of the market and established a tradition that continues to this day. After the LS, we actively developed and introduced products such as the world’s first luxury crossover RX and hybrids. Today, we sell in about 90 countries. In 2016, we sold more than 670 thousand units globally, a fourth consecutive record.”
Highlighting Lexus’ plans for the future he said, “We always think ahead. Anticipate the future. We are visionary. We would like to be a luxury lifestyle brand that doesn’t just provide cars — but also appeals to human emotion — stimulating the imagination and offering a sense of surprise. That’s one reason we
started the Lexus Design Awards, an international design competition for next generation creators. Think also of Intersect By Lexus, which offers the best in lifestyle concepts. The new Lexus Sport Yacht is another good example. Lexus has entered a new stage. We want to broaden the range of experience for our customers. That’s why our new tagline is “Experience Amazing”.”
Speaking on the occasion, Koji Sato, Chief Engineer said, “The LF-LC Concept which was revealed at the Detroit Autoshow in 2012 enjoyed great popularity. My team and I set out to develop this car as a symbol of the Lexus Challenge. In order to achieve our aims, we went “back to basics” and decided to create a whole new platform. This new platform becomes the foundation for future Lexus FR models achieving emotional design and Lexus unique driving taste. This concept was inspired by the Japanese cultures and traditions in which we participate. I practice the tea ceremony while another TAKUMI practices Karate and the other practices E-ai (Iai), the martial art of Japanese sword.”
Speaking about the Performance and Safety Features of the LC he said, “In terms of the powertrains, we introduce two flavours which stimulate emotion in a different way. The first is the high performance 5.0 litre V8 engine which delivers powerful acceleration and great response. This engine is combined with a new 10-speed AT featuring the world’s top level of gear shifting speed. The LC plays distinctive engine sound inherited from the Lexus LFA. The other is the world’s first Multi Stage Hybrid System. The 3.5 litre V6 engine’s output was enhanced by higher engine rpm while improving fuel efficiency achieved by adopting low friction chain and more. And the new hybrid system with two motors and a multi stage shift device provides direct acceleration feel. The system’s 10-speed gear shift, includes electrical shifting and Drivers Mind Index system which controls gear shifting from the information of vehicle’s G and brake input. LC is equipped with the active safety package, Lexus Safety System + (plus) as a standard. This package includes Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, Pre-Crash Safety System with Pedestrian Detection, Lane Keeping Assist, and Automatic High Beam. Also the class leading collision safety performance is realised by the new platform’s highly rigid cabin, impact absorbing body structure, and newly developed 4-point Pop Up Hood.”
Sharing what makes the LC interiors so special he said, “We paid attention to details of interior beyond ease of use. Our pursuit comes down to emotional values in details such as shift knob, door trim, and even a sound of audio system by Japanese Takumi Craftsmanship. The new Lexus Multi Media system features updated, faster, and more connective function with more beautiful and wider screen. And the new remote touch interface provides more intuitive and smooth driver’s operation such as drag, scroll, and pinch in/out. LC is produced in the dedicated line in Motomachi Plant where the Lexus LFA had been built. The eight special technicians called TAKUMI, along with the team develop techniques of Lexus craftsmanship. And elaborate each LC as a piece of art.”
Earlier in the evening, the SBG spokesperson speaking on behalf of the Chairman, Saud Bahwan Group said, “At Saud Bahwan Group, it is a matter of great pride that Lexus has not just maintained but exceeded expectations of customers in the luxury market with the latest in designs, technologies and luxury. Right from the favourite Lexus LX to the RC F, every Lexus model has played a vital role in rewarding customers with greater levels of satisfaction. Earning the distinction of being one of the most sought after luxury automotive brands in Oman today. I take this opportunity to humbly thank our valued customers for their continued patronage. I also take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Toyota Motor Corporation for their constant support, guidance and encouragement.”
During the event, Lexus enthusiasts went around viewing the vehicles on display and getting a first-hand experience on what makes these vehicles so special.
Earlier in the day team Lexus addressed a well-attended press gathering. The first ever 2017 Lexus LC500 and LC500h is now on display at the Lexus showrooms.