Learning to accept helps one evolve…

A friend sent a picture of the country he was holidaying and the pictures were a collection of vibrant wildflowers. Interestingly enough it was the same country which went through
decades of war.
The year I went through intern, almost every day I would have to compile videos and edit them for television news. This country was a constant feature in the daily news. Looking at the peaceful hillside now with the greenery spotted with colours from flowers brought in thoughts of war and healing.
The friend is a tourist currently enjoying the breathtaking views of the nation, but not long ago these lands were torn with shots tearing through the air and hearts. Could not help but wonder whether these flowers were blooming even during the war! Of course it is heartening to see the wounds are healing, but it is also inspiring to see the country is reviving from its painful past and tourism obviously seems to be one of the sectors which is probably changing the dimensions.
Not just countries, we humans also go through similar situations. At times the path looks unapproachable and we wonder whether we should give up, but time alone can prove the different twists and turns destiny can take.
Does that mean we step aside? Patience alone can win, but it requires sheer determination to last through the challenges. Let us face the reality — it is not always just our own challenge. People around the world go through their own challenges, which many a time have an impact on others.
So often there is dislike that leads to hatred that could have an ever-lasting impact. Sometimes it is between people and other times between nations. The fact is we are all meant for happiness and what makes us happy can never be defined. It differs from individual to individual. Maybe it is mean to be that way or else life would be boring.
In fact it is a bit tricky and hilarious too for the detached ones, because if you look closely we are all craving for what others have and they are looking forward to have our experience. That is why it is fascinating to have the opportunity to try out and seek adventures. But many of us are conservative who rather prefer to go by prescribed path. It takes a certain amount of inner strength to listen to one’s heart (not impulses) and
answer the calls.
For many people it is not just one call in life they explore, they seemed to be continuously evolving. It is not that they do not have distractions, they do, but it seems they always manage to get back to their priorities.
The question is that they are born that way or are the qualities nurtured with right guidance. Most importantly it is the spirit of independence that is the quality most of them have.
They are not seeking acceptance or reassurance. They probably have their moments of self doubt, but obviously they seem to have the ability to snap out of it while others happen to linger longer in the area of self doubt and then others who begin to believe that self doubt is where they are supposed to belong.
No one can however find the true self without facing challenges. How long could one stay away from venturing out and play safe? It might be what parents want as it is safer for their children. Parents safeguard their children’s environment only to realise that at one point in life they would have to face a world where the parents have no influence in. So it might be just best to train them to face the different worlds, gear them up for any circumstances and teach them the important lessons of acceptance. Accepting others bring in harmony.
While at it, a good idea is to learn to take time. As the ones who take their time to know, ensure they are well rooted — the result being a strong foundation that is hard to break.
Countries with deep history stand shaken today but for the nations who can hold on to their core values will once again find their glory.