Learn to live with the virus

Preparing for a new way of life to live with the coronavirus is the emerging call from our authorities and medical experts. With no signs of tapering off of the spread of the pathogen in sight, social distancing, wearing masks and frequent hand washing could become part of our everyday life for more time.

What is essential now is to make certain behavioural changes so that we will get accustomed to live with the virus. What I mean is adjusting ourselves to the new policies and procedures to be followed at public places, offices or elsewhere.

I think it is important we become realistic as nobody can predict when this disease will disappear from the earth. Its elimination is not very likely, but we can at least reduce the level of transmission through the measures being implemented by the authorities.

No doubt, the COVID-19 crisis has taught us how intertwined our lives are, and how our actions impact others. Even our children, after watching how we responded to this exasperating time, learnt to live in closed rooms with limited facilities. So why cannot we the elders keep social distancing or stay at home by limiting our outdoor activities?

The coronavirus is not going to go away so we must learn to live with it. Social distancing and reduced level of outing along with other sanitation measures are the only solution to keep the virus away.

Listen to what our Health Minister Dr Ahmed al Saidi, says “I consider every person in Oman is responsible. We appreciate every person who helped us. The virus is still here and we have to learn how to live with it.”

Although there are people who are recovering day by day, but the spread of the coronavirus is still unstoppable. Even people who have recovered are getting infected again! In a situation like this it is normal to feel sad, confused, scared or angry.

We should not forget the fact that there is evidently no cure to coronavirus except quarantine and isolation. It is a disease from which a human body can get infected again and again whenever it comes in contact with its virus.

As experts advocate it is impossible to end the coronavirus infection but to learn to live with it just like we have learned to live with the lockdown!