Leadership of Baba Qaboos unmatched

MUSCAT, JAN 15 – From empowerment of individuals through education, health and economic opportunities to the nation’s foreign policies, the Sultanate has maintained distinct mark under the wise leadership of late His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin said during the last five decades.
Children in Oman called His Majesty the Sultan as ‘Baba Qaboos’. Every year on the occasion of the National Day, children’s participation was conspicuous in different events with different performances by them. The students’ pageant was graced by His Majesty. Those children must be part of Oman’s workforce.
In addition to the public schools, the education sector also saw a number of growing institutes in the private sector for both the national and expatriate communities.
Suad Muddafar has been an educationist in Oman and she reflects, “I’m fortunate to have lived during the reign of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos who had a vision for a modern, prosperous and peaceful Oman. Oman is a country so diverse, so beautiful and so special and all made possible during the era of His Majesty. There are more than enough reasons to validate this amazing country as the best place, which can take a whole day for me to describe.”
Suad found the policies inspiring so much that she had started her own venture. “One of His Majesty’s policies encouraged women and gave us the opportunities and supported in developing women’s independence. This is how 35 years ago I was able to follow my dream of providing and nurturing enriched environment for children in Oman and established a private school.”
Yet another distinct feature is Oman’s pride in its heritage. “Oman is proud of its heritage and anywhere you go there are historic places with stories to tell. The monuments and picturesque forts across the country are unique and majestic. Beautiful beaches for relaxing walks to adventurous 4W drive through the desert to the rugged terrain to the calming wadi, all formed with history and all have a story to tell.”
“We must not forget and appreciate for being able to live in peace, and believe that we can work harder to grow with the present
time alongside our traditions and culture to show with gratitude under new ruler His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tareq bin Taimour,” Suad said.
The modern Oman has been all about His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, says N R Narayan and Chitra Narayan who have been in Oman since 1993 and have been involved in the education sector in the Sultanate.
“His Majesty Sultan Qaboos’ enlightened leadership and love for the people of Oman will remain unmatched and unique. From July 23, 1970 to January 10, 2020 Oman and Sultan Qaboos were inseparable identity both domestically and globally. I always felt that the most deserving yet glaring omissions in the honourable list of Norwegian Noble Peace Committee’s list are Sultan Qaboos and Mahatma Gandhi. Both were genuine, determined and effective peace seekers and peace keepers.”
“His Majesty the Sultan had crafted the essence of Oman’s foreign policy in a single sentence when he said, ‘Peace is a principle in which we believe and a goal which we are striving to achieve without ceasing and without excess.’ His counsel had often been sought to sort out controversial issues.”
“Beacon of human light virtuosity personified only yearning and working for Oman’s progress. The best kind of education Baba Qaboos, as children addressed him, has shown is the study of winning human hearts. We will love him forever,” said Chitra Narayan, educationist.
The respect and love nations and their leaders have had over these five decades were visible during the days of mourning.