Lawyers’ campaign aims to secure release of 600 prisoners this year

SALALAH, MAY 18 – As part of its initiative to bring positive changes to people’s lives, the Fak Kurba campaign by Omani Lawyers’ Association has set a target of securing the release of 600 prisoners in 2019. The focal audience of the noble campaign is people lodged in jails under different sections of law but do not have resources to defend their cases. Out of the set target of 600 for the current year, the association has already managed the release of 170 prisoners, while it is undergoing the process of scrutiny to ensure the release of the rest of the targeted prisoners.
The association brought the initiative to Salalah in the form of a two-day ‘Humanitarian Initiative Exhibition’ at Salalah Gardens Mall opened under the auspices of Mohammed bin Abu Bakr al Ghassani, Vice-Chairman of the Shura Council. Since its inception in 2012, the Fak Kurba campaign has assisted 1,885 cases and ensured release of the same number of prisoners. It secured the release of 44 prisoners in 2012; 304 in 2014; and 432 in 2015. The numbers stood at 425 in 2017 and 510 in 2018. The association expanded its reach to international prisoners, who are not able to defend themselves due to financial constraints.
Association chairman Dr Mohammed bin Ibrahim al Zadjali said that the initiative in its sixth and current edition aspires to disassociate prisoners from financial cases other than criminal cases, noting that the initiative is supported by private institutions and individuals to follow similar cases and to enhance positive role and humanitarian action. The event included an awareness lecture on ‘Giving and community solidarity’ by Abdullah bin Ali al Shehri. He put emphasis on various humanitarian initiatives and their impact on society. He exhorted more and more people to join such initiatives and make the world a better place to live in.
The aim of the Fak Kurba initiative is to collect financial aid to help solve the problems of those who are trapped in civil, commercial, labour or legal cases within certain limits. It also aims at enlightening the members of society about the importance of the law and its basic principles of rights and duties in order to avoid problems and damage resulting from non-functioning. With a view to creating awareness among people, the association keeps on organising exhibitions and workshops. The association members came from different governorates to attend the Salalah event and expressed happiness over support from different quarters for the noble cause.

(Picture by Hamad al Khatiri)