Lawmakers deliver petition from 1 million for Brexit People’s Vote

LONDON: Cross-party, pro-EU lawmakers delivered a petition from more than one million supporters of a second vote on Brexit to Prime Minister Theresa May’s office on Monday.
Justine Greening, a former minister in May’s Conservative government, joined Labour’s Chuka Umunna, Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable and Green Party lawmaker Caroline Lucas to deliver the petition for a People’s Vote on Brexit to Downing Street.
“There are now clear alternatives facing Britain that will shape our lives for decades,” Greening tweeted after delivering the petition,which was organised by The Independent newspaper.
“Parliament is gridlocked. Let’s trust people to make an informed decision on Britain’s next step,” she said.
Lucas said a majority of the public now supported the campaign for anew referendum on Brexit, echoing recent opinion polls.
She said May “can’t keep ignoring our call for a say on her dangerous Brexit deal.”
“Whether you voted Leave or Remain, no one voted for this mess, which is why we need a #PeoplesVote with Remain on the ballot NOW!” Umunna tweeted. — dpa
May told ITV’s This Morning programme on Monday that she remains opposed to a new vote, arguing that the public already expressed its view on leaving the EU in the 2016 referendum, when 52per cent chose Brexit.
“People are talking about a second vote when we haven’t even delivered on the first vote,” May said.