Law to limit plastic bags’ use mooted

The government is moving towards tougher rules to regulate the use of plastic products, including carry bags, in the Sultanate. A meeting was held at the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs (MECA) to discuss the issue of increasing use of plastic products in the country.
The statement described the impact of plastic bags on marine life especially due to the dumping of plastic waste in the sea as a matter of great concern. “It called for a serious response and initiatives to solve this problem,” said a statement from MECA.
MECA seeks to enact legislation that limits the use of plastic bags to prevent their impact on the environment and also to protect the health of both people and marine organisms, which is one of the top priorities of the social and economic policies of the Sultanate.
A Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) proposal concerning the adoption of ISO 17088 in the manufacture and import of plastic bags for general purposes was discussed at the meeting.
The head of the chemical and petroleum products specification at MoCI, Nadia bint Mohammed al Sayabiya, highlighted the importance of this standard in controlling the use of plastic bags.
In Oman, plastic bags can be converted into compost under special conditions, complying with GSO 901/1997 for organic compost made from solid waste in the cities.
Workshops will be held for factory owners, importers and raw materials factories to ensure the gradual implementation of the decision by explaining to them the regulations for both imported and locally manufactured plastic bags.