Weather Live: Flood warning for Dhofar governorate

Muscat: The tropical depression is now concentrated between Sadah and Salalah with a possibility that high sea waves and heavy rains might lead to flooding in the coastal areas of Dhofar Governorate.

Weather monitoring stations in Dhofar have recorded active winds with high-speed gusts – wind speed of 17 knots with active gusts of 45 knots, while active and high winds continue to blow during the coming hours.

Traffic has been restored on the road from Al-Nahda Tower roundabout to Umm Al-Ghawar Bridge in both directions.

Traffic has been cut on the road of Thumrait – Al Mazunah Free Zone from both directions due to the flow of wadis.

The Wali of Taqah has informed citizens and residents in the coastal areas to move to safe places and evacuate the Wadi Darbat.

Latest Weather charts and the analysis of the National Multi Hazards Early Warning Center indicated that the Tropical depression located over Dhofar governorate with estimated surface wind speed around the center between 17 and 25 knots (30 to 45 Km/hr) with a chance to move to the West in the coming hours, said the Weather Bulletin 3 of Oman Meteorology.

The continuous of heavy rain (100-200 mm) during the next 24 hours associated with fresh to strong winds and flooding over low and coastal areas and increase in wadis flow with a reduction in horizontal visibility.

Chances of cloud advection and isolated rain (10 — 30 mm) over the southern parts of Al-Wusta Governorate and the sea conditions will be rough along with governorates of Dhofar (5-4 m), meanwhile along Al-Wusta and South Al-Sharqiyah (3 m).
The Public Authority for Civil Aviation (PACA) has advised the public to take precautions and stay away from low lying areas, avoiding crossing wadis and avoid venture into the sea.


Some roads in Dhofar were been affected due to the during the tropical low air pressure system. Salalah-Taqah road is closed near Al-Mamoura Tunnel due to accumulated flood water within the tunnel.

There are reports of soil accumulation and falling rocks on Hasik-al-Shuwaymya road.

The first death was reported from the Dhofar governorate on Friday as two people were washed away in the flowing waters.

Giving details about the incident, the Public Authority for Civil Defence (PACDA) reported that the seven people were reportedly stranded at Ain Arzat. The rescue teams were able to save five people while two people washed away.

The blood bank of Sultan Qaboos Hospital in Salalah reported a severe shortage of blood and its derivatives, especially platelets. and It invited the citizens who are able to reach the hospital to come to donate blood.

The Salalah Port resumed operations on Saturday,” a statement said.

The Sultan’s Armed Forces (SAF) has confirmed its readiness to deal with the tropical situation in the Arabian Sea.

Dhofar Governorate’s Emergency Cases Management Committee has discussed the readiness of all sectors to deal with the tropical condition in the governorate.



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