Large orders of Omani honey at Qatar expo

More than 20 of the Sultanate’s leading honey producers attracted the attention of commercial buyers at the Omani Pavilion at Qatar’s recent Doha Seasonal Honey Market Exhibition, generating sales of over $300,000, putting orders for $100,000 on the books, and contracts signed with 11 international distributors.
Commenting on the outstanding success of the Omani participation at the event, Nasima al Balushi, Ithraa’s Director-General for Investment & Exports said: “The largest specialised honey exhibition of its kind in the Gulf region, the show offered a fantastic opportunity to promote the unique qualities of this highly regarded Omani product to lucrative new markets. And Ithraa couldn’t be more thrilled or proud with the results. It was a great result for our honey producers.”
She added: “Honey is actually worth more per litre than oil and spurred by recent trends for healthy, natural products in the food industry, wholesale prices are on the up. Given this, many Omani producers are increasing hive numbers and improving infrastructure. It’s clearly a sweet time to be in the honey business.”
Occupying the largest pavilion at the Honey Market, this is the second year Ithraa has organised an Omani pavilion at the show, bringing on board double the number of Omani firms that participated in 2018.